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Breakthrough plasma shower technology to apply cold atmospheric plasma to the skin surface. The non-thermal plasma is safe to the touch and non-ablative, as a result there is no pain and no downtime. Results are noticeable after just one treatment. A course of six is recommended, once a week.


Course of 6 - £300

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  • ACNE -  For acne and oily skin, plasma is extremely effective in destroying P. acne bacteria, quickly reducing skin inflammation, soothing the skin, and preventing acne reoccurrence by balancing sebum production.

  • PROBLEMATIC & IRRITATED SKIN – Cold atmospheric plasma has an antioxidant impact on the skin’s immune system. It reduces the damaging effect of chronic skin diseases - such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, and seborrhoea - which manifests in inflamed, irritated, dehydrated, and rough skin.

  • DEPIGMENTING – Oxygenates the melanin in the epidermis, and is therefore effective in lightening epidermal brown spots (whether hormonal pigmentation, age spots, sun damage etc). This process is especially effective for hyperpigmentation under which an inflammatory process takes place. By reducing the inflammation, the plasma also reduces the level of haemoglobin around the spot, thus reduces blemish.

  • BOOSTS ABSORBTION - Research shows that cold plasma increases epidermal permeability in the first 12 hours after treatment by 24%. 

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