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Electrolysis is a method of removing individual hairs from the lip, cheeks and chin and neck. Electrolysis treats each hair follicle individually with a very fine, disposable, sterile probe to permanently destroy the follicle’s ability to reproduce, thereby eradicating hair growth on completion of the course.




hair removal



5 minute session - £16

10 minute session - £19

15 minute session - £24

20 minute session - £26

30 minute session - £38

45 minute session - £56

60 minute session - £66


Up to 15 minutes - £60

Up to 30 minutes - £100


Eyebrow - £8.50

Lip - £7.00

Chin - £7.00

Lip & chin - £12

Sides of face - £12

Underarm - £16

Half arm - £16

Full leg - £30

Half leg - £24

Bikini - £16

Half leg & bikini - £37

Full leg and bikini - £43

Back - £45

Chest - £25

Advanced Electrolysis

A safe, comfortable and effective treatment for thread veins, skin tags, blood spots, spider naevus and milia. 

Thread veins

Thread veins are permanently dilated capillaries. They can be treated by applying an extremely small current beneath the skin at the affected area. The current is supplied by means of a fine needle, and effectively cauterises thread veins. The word ‘cauterise’ can conjure some unpleasant mental images, but not to worry, the procedure is quick, efficient, and occurs on a remarkably small scale. After cauterisation, the blood and offending vessels are reabsorbed by the body’s self-repair mechanism. A lotion is applied to both cool the skin and supplement your natural healing.

Blood spots

These small red-coloured spots are quite commonly seen on the skin and often appear with age. Blood spots can be easily removed with advanced electrolysis in a relatively quick procedure. The results is skin which looks clearer and healthier without the blemishes.

Spider Naevi

Spider naevi veins are telangiectases that consist of a large arteriole from which radiate numerous small vessels that resemble, in the mind’s eye, spider’s legs. They are found on the arms, neck, and chest wall. They are commonly known as spider veins (a central, dilated red body with small, radiating capillaries, giving the impression of the legs of a spider) and are common during pregnancy. 


Milia are tiny cysts just below the epidermis (the very outer layer of skin) which is why they appear so white. The cysts are a build-up of trapped oil/minerals under the skin which can’t be squeezed through to the surface. A heated micro-needle pierces the milia and removes the oil trapped under the skin. The treatment feels like a hot needle flick, which means it can be quite sensitive around the eye. Some clients feel nothing at all, whereas others feel the flicking sensation.

  • Up to 15 minutes - £60

  • Up to 30 minutes - £100

A course of treatment may be recommended.

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