Alison McMath's 3D hairstroke eyebrows give an extra dimension to enhance the structure of your face perfectly. These eyebrow procedures are developed and performed by Alison at her home-based clinic in Chorley.

Alison draws individual hairs weaving tiny simulated hair strokes among your natural ones in a bespoke pigment blend to lift and define.


Whether your brows have thinned naturally or are over-plucked, are very fair or you simply want to improve their shape and look, Alison McMath's permanent makeup eyebrows have fast become a favourite with the advantage of framing your eyes and giving your whole face definition.


They give and age-defyiing, rejuvenating effect which is ideal for clients who feel they need a lift because their eyebrows have drooped with maturity. Permanent eyebrows look elegant and perfect every minute of the day.


Although she can recreate the eyebrows of your favourite celebrity, Alison prefers to draw the perfect eyebrows that will suit your face the best. Please feel free to bring a ‘dream eyebrow’ picture with you to your appointment.


As one of the most inspired and admired artists in eyebrow perfection, Alison offers the most comprehensive choice of permanent makeup eyebrow techniques available and the results are always flattering.


Please note that after four years, a colour boost reverts back to the normal procedure price. For your information, a fact sheet about microblading can be found here.

Hairstroke eyebrows
Hairstroke eyebrows
Hairstroke eyebrows
Hairstroke eyebrows
Hairstroke eyebrows
Powdered eyebrows
Powdered brows
Hairstroke eyebrows
Powdered brows
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Consultation (redeemable at first procedure)


Hairstroke or powdered eyebrows


Combination brow - a combination of the above


Colour boost within 12 months of initial procedure


Colour boost at 2 years


Colour boost after 2 years


Colour boost after 3 years


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Hairstroke eyebrows