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Helping Support

It's important to give back. I support the following very worthy causes ...

WFP Afghanistan

WFP United Nations World Food Programme

In the context of ongoing conflict and frequent natural disasters, WFP provides unconditional, fortified and nutritionally-balanced food assistance to vulnerable groups including people displaced by conflict, those affected by disasters, refugees, returnees from neighbouring countries, and people affected by seasonal food insecurity.
WFP provides nutritional support tailored according to age, gender and vulnerability. Since the beginning of 2021, WFP has reached 6.4 million people with food and nutrition assistance, including 470,000 internally displaced people and one million children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. In close partnership with UNICEF and WHO, WFP works to address lifelong consequences of poor nutrition for children such as stunting, and also addresses emergency situations where malnutrition rates may quickly rise.


Harbin SHS Animal Rescue

@slaughterhouse_survivors is a non-profit organisation located in Harbin, China, where there are no legislative protections in place for animals. They dedicate their efforts to rescuing animals from the meat trade (along with local abuse, neglect and abandonment cases). The rescue centre was founded by three dedicated women (one English, one Irish and one Australian). With the help of their amazing flight volunteers and partner rescues, their survivors are able to leave China and find loving forever homes all over the world. More information about how I am donating can be found here.

Northern Greyhound Rescue

Northern Greyhound Rescue is a registered charity in the Northwest, Lancashire area dedicated to improving the lives of Greyhounds and Lurchers. Permanent and foster homes are always needed. We got or two gorgeous and much loved greyhounds through this wonderful organisation. When I need to buy anything on Amazon I do it through Smile Amazon. I nominated Northern Greyhound Rescue so they receive 0.5% of every sale. 

Woman Hugging Dog

Dogs Trust

There's a definite theme going on here! I sponsor a dog through the Dogs Trust. It's a great way to donate to this worthy cause. I get regular updates and even get a Christmas and Valentines Card every year!

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