Never choose a permanent makeup technician on price alone. Prices often reflect the level of training and experience of the practitioner you are considering. Technicians charge what they feel they are worth. Remember this person will be performing the permanent procedure on YOUR face so never choose on price alone. This procedure is a skill. Too low a price and you should question the knowledge of the practitioner, quality of colour pigments being used and the standards of environment.




Consider if the practitioner has a beauty or a creative background. Alison loves being creative and has a real flair for makeup artistry. She established a beauty business twenty four years ago. Her work is now divided between beauty and permanent makeup - all creative procedures in their own way. Alison conducted her permanent makeup training twelve years ago with Nouveau Contour, the market leaders in the permanent makeup industry and continues to learn today as the industry evolves. It is just as important to know how experienced and creative a technician is, as well as how long they have been a permanent makeup practitioner.




If your permanent makeup technician is qualified and licensed then they should be able to show you their documents.




Whether your technician is working from a dedicated clinic or is a visiting technician at other clinics, check they are correctly licensed. By being licensed they are local authority approved to carry out this needle procedure. This means their hygiene, health and safety standards and clinic environment have been assessed and meet the local authority standards. Also check that the needles are collected and disposed of safely by a specialist collection company. Alison has a local authority license from Chorley council and a clinical waste disposal contract with Waste Gone.




Most permanent makeup technicians will give free consultations or a charge that is redeemable against the procedure. Never feel pressured into making an appointment to have the treatment carried out if you are not sure. Remember because you had the free consultation you are under no-obligation to have the treatment done or if you have paid a redeemable charge you should have up to three months to decide. Once you have made the decision to have permanent makeup, be expected to pay a deposit to book the procedure date and time - normally £50 for one procedure, two £100 and three procedures £150. This should be redeemable on the day unless you cancel outside the terms and conditions or do not turn up.




Ensure the working environment is clean, sterile and a license is held. Speak to the technician, view their website, contact details, and check that all clinic addresses are visible on the web site. Your initial gut feeling about the technician is important, as well as information provided and clinic environment. Is the technician's work displayed on their web site? A professional permanent makeup technician should have a website and place of business to match their overall standards and professionalism.




The aim of permanent makeup is to enhance and compliment your natural features and add renewed freshness, not to change your look completely. Alison's job is to ensure that her clients are provided with an honest realistic idea of what is achievable on their face shape, bone structure and skin tone. Do not let a technician promise you a particular shape or colour without them explaining or showing you how it is achievable. For example, drawing on the brow shape or pigment colours on forehead to help choose. Remember that with permanent makeup, less is more. You can always add to your permanent makeup with conventional make up when you go out. At the perfecting re-touch procedure, it is possible to add more pigment.




Once you have made the decision to go ahead with your treatment, you will feel a new sense of excitement and be looking forward to getting the job done. A little nervousness is perfectly normal too. It's important you're 100% ready for this life changing treatment. As a permanent makeup technician and a permanent makeup fan herself, Alison knows you will feel great and love looking your best every day. You have nothing to lose by booking a consultation. Give Alison a call on 01257 278305.

Make today the first day of a new you.


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