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Medik8 facial treatments have been carefully curated to rejuvenate the skin while providing you with a soothing relaxing experience.  The Medik8 facials are designed to give the perfect balance of clinical results and relaxation for the optimum skin and well-being experience.



With an extensive treatment menu covering all major skin concerns like skin ageing, spot prone, redness, dryness and pigmentation, there is a treatment for everyone.




In your consultation we will identify specific skin concerns and prescribe the appropriate facial or combinations for you. No matter which facial is chosen, you will be sure to have the specific corrective products used on your skin. 


Take out a VIP Subscription Plan and enjoy the benefits of Medik8's 'Beautiful Skin for Life' philosophy every month for a year.


A relaxing age-defying facial with Medik8's platinum infused Age Defying Platinum Mask that visibly lifts, rejuvenates and firms the skin for a more youthful appearance.



A complete nourishing and comforting facial to restore skin vitality for dull, flakey and compromised skin. Gentle exfoliation allows the long lasting replenishing Medik8 hero formulation to deliver deep hydration.



Deep cleansing actives are used to target oily, problematic and blemished skin. Re-balancing products are used throughout this facial to soothe, calm and generate a clearer complexion.



A gentle soothing treatment to instantly calm inflamed, hot, flushed, red, sensitive and highly sensitised skin using intelligent formulations to aid skin recovery.



Targeted actives and gentle exfoliation are used to gently break down pore blockages and promote the appearance of a smoother complexion with less visible, enlarged pores.

Young Women


A luxurious illuminating treatment to brighten even the dullest skin. A targeted, results-driven facial to combat uneven pigmentation and skin tone; breathing new radiance and luminosity into the skin.




It is essential that you have a consultation and patch test a minimum of 24 hours prior to your peeling treatment to ensure you don't have any allergic responses. 

I recommend you prep your skin with Medik8 skincare for at least 2 weeks  (ideally 4 weeks) prior to your initial treatment to gain optimum benefits from the peel procedures.

Beautiful Women


Ideal for mature skin. Renews the texture of the skin, minimises any uneven tone and builds a plumper, fuller epidermis.

For maximum results I recommend a course of 6 treatments, spaced evenly every 2 weeks.



A brightening peel targeting sun. damage, hyperpigmentation and dull uneven skin. Helping to minimise melanin production, the Even Peel visibly fades pigmentation for a more even and radiant complexion.

Smooth Shiny Skin


A powerful blend of acids that sink deep into pores to effectively clarify and decongest the complexion. Rapidly brings blemishes under control and dramatically reduces the risk of future breakouts.

Skincare Model


Suitable for everyone and any skin concern. It visibly brightens, smoothes, decongests and revitalises the skin. Ideal for a first time peel or to maintain results from other peels.

Woman with Hand on Face


A new addition for extremely sensitive or redness-prone skin to visibly smooth skin texture and help promote a stronger skin barrier.

Flawless Skin


An ultra gentle but effective solution to target signs of ageing around the delicate eye area.

Blue Eyes


Book a course of 6 Medik8 Peels and you only pay for 5. I will design a bespoke treatment plan depending on your needs. 1 treatment every 2-4 weeks.

Blue Eyes


Skin Peels Chorley

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