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Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation

radio frequency machine
Radio frequency red light mode

The Dual Injector Pro+ is a brand new treatment offering for anyone who is concerned with lines, wrinkles, sagging jowls or dehydration. It uses radio frequency (red light) to lift and tighten and electroporation (blue light) to pulse active ingredients deeper into the skin - like no-needle mesotherapy. It feels warm and very comfortable to have done and leaves the skin beautifully hydrated so is perfect to have in the run-up to a special occasion.

Electroporation blue light
Electroporation blue light mode

A course of 4-8 is recommended depending upon your age. You have one treatment a week then a booster treatment is recommended once a month. It's a wonderful results driven treatment and offers a noticeable difference for those who don't want to go through drastic measures to keep their skin looking toned and healthy.

before and after radio frequency
Before and after

A consultation is carried out beforehand to make sure you are safe to have the treatment. Contraindications include: Pregnancy or Breastfeeding • Heart Disease • Heart Murmur or Irregular Heart Rate • Has a Pacemaker or other type of heartrate balancer • Epilepsy • Ulcers • Disease of Stomach, Intestine, Liver, or Pancreas • Cancer • Undergoing treatment for any form of Cancer • Epilepsy • Untreated hypertension • Migraines and headaches • Viral lesions, Herpes Simplex, Shingles • Eczema or Seborrheic Dermatitis • Keloid scars • AIDS, HIV or any autoimmune disorder.

before and after radio frequency
Before and after

What I've noticed the most since introducing the treatment a few weeks ago, is the better hydration levels in the skin. Dry patches have gone to be replaced with a much healthier glow. A single session is £50 (£90 for inclusion of the décolletage) and courses offer you even more value for your money as I include a lovely skincare kit.

Book your treatment directly through my online booking system and experience this little gem of a treatment for yourself.


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