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I Support Slaughterhouse Survivors

I know it's a shocking title but it's a fact that many animals in China are horrendously treated (and that's putting it mildly!) So when I discovered Harbin SHS Animal Rescue I knew it was an organisation I wanted to help.

2 small happy dogs running along a dirt track

@slaughterhouse_survivors is a non-profit organisation located in Harbin, China, where there are no legislative protections in place for animals. They dedicate their efforts to rescuing animals from the meat trade (along with local abuse, neglect and abandonment cases). The rescue centre was founded by three dedicated women (one English, one Irish and one Australian). With the help of their amazing flight volunteers and partner rescues, their survivors are able to leave China and find loving forever homes all over the world.

I make a monthly contribution and am happy to support such a worthy cause.

If you'd like to make a donation to the Harbin SHS Animal Rescue, just click on the logo or here and it will take you straight to the Paypal donation link.

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Hi my name is Sandra and I met a lovely lady today with a beautiful rescued dog from your organisation , I live in London and have 2 beautiful cavapoos but I would be interested in rescuing a small dog , My dogs are very dog friendly and very sweet natured , I have just qualified as a level 3 city and guild dog grooming so I’m very used to dogs . How do I go about getting in contact with you about maybe adopting a dog ? Sandra

Alison McMath
Alison McMath
Sep 14, 2023
Replying to

Hi Sandra, You'll need to get in touch with the charity directly. Their website is

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