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Natural Beauty

Marie Reynolds’ approach to skin care is unique. Having worked in the professional skin care and wellness industries for over 35 years, both as a therapist, a judge and behind the scenes working with and ultimately creating her own skin care brand.
Marie has lectured worldwide in skincare treatments, nutrition and advanced consulting. Quoted in Porter magazine as a "Global Skin Expert", it is Marie's experience in progressive skin therapy and advanced holistic well being that has earned her attention from beauty editors and celebrities worldwide.
It is because of this that I decided to become an MRL stockist and bring a bit of that celebrity experience to my clients. I've been trained to 'think outside the box' when it comes to skin and dealing with its challenges. Before home-care is recommended, I will carry out a thorough consultation. Your commitment is paramount and you will be given my help and support throughout your journey to better skin health.



Marie Reynolds Pro Ritual Facial £120

Marie's holistic approach to skin health and inner support is legendary around the world. I am the only stockist of the MRL range in my area. This full sensory experience will not only leave your skin looking and feeling amazing but you will also leave with inner peace and complete relaxation. Incorporating the MRL skincare range with a custom supplement mask, skin will be nourished and balance restored. This pro facial includes microneedling to offer next level results. THE perfect facial for any skincare needs or pure relaxing indulgence.


Includes a special gift with every facial.

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